My Journey

I'm not Handicapped, I'm Handicapable.
(and no i didnt get that from due date lol)

I left home and drove from nj to california in search of an independent life and safe access to my medicine* so i can live. It's been an interesting journey, lots of ups, lots of downs, and even though I am now weaker than ever...nothing will ever stop me from living my dream, regardless of how long I get to live.

Life is too precious and short to waste time. And I'm Ready.

The three videos below are before and after i left nj, an interview with the Washington Post during my road trip, some audition, and one other one hahaha idk i didnt set up the web site, im kinda lost there :P below that are blog entries! thank you!

Feel free to contact me at all times:

Help to save Mikey's life

As you know, Mikey has always been able to smile through the pain, no matter what, until recently. The pain in his stomach is now worse than ever and has led to an inability to eat, causing rapid weight loss. At 6'1", he's a meager 75 lbs and dropping fast. It's getting more difficult for Mikey to smile through the pain and fear.

One of the only places where Mikey can get help is the MAYO clinic in Minnesota. There, a team of specialized doctors will work together to figure out how his illnesses affect each other and can be treated to restore health and balance to his body so he can keep living his incredible life.

All of this obviously comes with a large amount of costs, which can only be covered with the help and donations of as many people as possible – even if it's just a dollar. Please click on one of the two following links to access the crowd funding campaigns that will help Mikey get better. Thank you!


Thank you Paris Hilton

On this #flashbackfriday I want to thank a person (again, but she deserves it) who I don't see very often but has played a very important role in my life, @parishilton . Sure I know everybody has their impressions of her, mainly based from TV, tabloids, ect. Ur wrong btw. But Who Paris is, is a totally different story. I always think back two years, I felt loving arms and a kiss on the cheek. And then I heard the name Paris being about by somebody in the club, I didn't think it was her holding me, but when I turned my head it was. And what I saw was a person beaming with energy and love. Not being much of a television guy so this is our first introduction, not a bad one I might add. And as stupid as this sounds I had to ask her what her Twitter tag was, that's how much I knew about Twitter. We exchanged info and she was rushed out of the club is a paparazzi arrived. I did not know that moment would truly change my life here in LA. But it did. She helped me with fundraisers, promoting my website (even tho it's ancient), support online, River even came by once to help me eat when I could eat. Because of her my health has more care, my life has more friends, she helped me promote my video to @richardbranson , and I have memories for days. Now how did I meet her? I just went out. Most #disabled people stay home, feel sorry for themselves, or don't even try. I just chose life, @thedeanmay invited me to one party, then another, and there she was. No accident tho. There are no accidents. Thanks to her I can live a little longer and live my dream here in LA, you cannot put a price on that. And the best part about not seeing her very often, is what I do see while she jetsets the world, it inspires the hell out of me. She is always trying to make somebody happy. She is extremely smart, has a heart of gold, and never stops working or helping. I think that's what inspires me The most. Her drive to inspire, create and grow. Sometimes people come in and out of our lives for a very special reason. There is a ripple effect in life. I think the main thing is to keep going. We never know what will happen, but as long as we never try we will never find out. So get out, go live, find somebody that inspires you. Keep going. Life is worth it, and you NEVER know, something beautiful may be waiting for you right around the corner. Peace love n light. Thank you P 🙏 thank you @kobidanann for hosting me that night ❤️🙏 #everythinghappensforareason #golive #grateful


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