My Journey

I'm not Handicapped, I'm Handicapable.
(and no i didnt get that from due date lol)

I left home and drove from nj to california in search of an independent life and safe access to my medicine* so i can live. It's been an interesting journey, lots of ups, lots of downs, and even though I am now weaker than ever...nothing will ever stop me from living my dream, regardless of how long I get to live.

Life is too precious and short to waste time. And I'm Ready.

The three videos below are before and after i left nj, an interview with the Washington Post during my road trip, some audition, and one other one hahaha idk i didnt set up the web site, im kinda lost there :P below that are blog entries! thank you!

Feel free to contact me at all times:

Help to save Mikey's life

As you know, Mikey has always been able to smile through the pain, no matter what, until recently. The pain in his stomach is now worse than ever and has led to an inability to eat, causing rapid weight loss. At 6'1", he's a meager 75 lbs and dropping fast. It's getting more difficult for Mikey to smile through the pain and fear.

One of the only places where Mikey can get help is the MAYO clinic in Minnesota. There, a team of specialized doctors will work together to figure out how his illnesses affect each other and can be treated to restore health and balance to his body so he can keep living his incredible life.

All of this obviously comes with a large amount of costs, which can only be covered with the help and donations of as many people as possible – even if it's just a dollar. Please click on one of the two following links to access the crowd funding campaigns that will help Mikey get better. Thank you!


so i celebrated my birthday last thursday! I can honestly say i have never experienced so much love coming at me in one day. I usually have the worst birthdays, idk why, they just never seem to work out. My voicemail kept filling up and i couldn't even check it to clear it without it ringing! i feel like the biggest jerk ever! I'm still going through my voicemail! days later (time is so fast)... I wish i could show my appreciation to everyone but i don't think i can without someone typing for me! So in case i havent gotten back to you, I'm so so sorry! i got nothing but love for ya and would hug you all if i could :) So THANKS EVERYONE!!! :):):)

Anyways! I have been trying to pull myself together the last few days, ive had a lot on my mind, and it feels like a lot on my body, im very very weak lately. I am not sure why but im sure its just part of the ride, so i gotta ride it out :) I have been revisiting my email often trying to catch up and get to what i haven't been able to. Im finding emails from months ago, which makes me sad because I wish I never missed any :( (I have like 500 something to go through not including facebook!) I sometimes get very nervous that someone will get mad at me or take something the wrong way. I have had many instances when i have earned peoples anger because of not responding as quick as hoped. I never thought this website would bring me into contact with as many people as it did, and i am doing my best to not fall behind, but its tough!

I am a pretty quiet person, oddly enough haha, I only do one thing well, and thats to live. I have ironically avoided attention my whole life, for fear that the attention would always be negative and judgemental. I have learned that it is possible to create anything one would want for their life, i have also learned that wanting nothing, will not bring nothing, but will actually bring on everything you probably hate....why? because nobody should ever be happy or comfortable wanting nothing for their lives. We ALL have something amazing to offer, and we ALL are capable of reaching any goal we set our mind to. It starts with believing what you are worth.

You are worth whatever you want to be worth. And you are also as worthless as you make yourself. Believe in yourself, fully, and don't wait for anyone to push you forward or slow you down.

Take the wheel, drive yourself.



Mom at: March 15, 2009 at 6:37 AM said...

Wow Mike, this is beautiful. I am so proud of you! your choice of words and the lessons you learned and convey are priceless!!!
On the other hand, I can imaging just how tired your body could be and I only wish I could be you arms and legs just for one day.
I love you so very much, you are my hero!

Anonymous at: March 18, 2009 at 4:06 AM said...

Thank you for sharing Mike! You are an inspiration to me. I also have a muscular dystrophy.

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