My Journey

I'm not Handicapped, I'm Handicapable.
(and no i didnt get that from due date lol)

I left home and drove from nj to california in search of an independent life and safe access to my medicine* so i can live. It's been an interesting journey, lots of ups, lots of downs, and even though I am now weaker than ever...nothing will ever stop me from living my dream, regardless of how long I get to live.

Life is too precious and short to waste time. And I'm Ready.

The three videos below are before and after i left nj, an interview with the Washington Post during my road trip, some audition, and one other one hahaha idk i didnt set up the web site, im kinda lost there :P below that are blog entries! thank you!

Feel free to contact me at all times:

Help to save Mikey's life

As you know, Mikey has always been able to smile through the pain, no matter what, until recently. The pain in his stomach is now worse than ever and has led to an inability to eat, causing rapid weight loss. At 6'1", he's a meager 75 lbs and dropping fast. It's getting more difficult for Mikey to smile through the pain and fear.

One of the only places where Mikey can get help is the MAYO clinic in Minnesota. There, a team of specialized doctors will work together to figure out how his illnesses affect each other and can be treated to restore health and balance to his body so he can keep living his incredible life.

All of this obviously comes with a large amount of costs, which can only be covered with the help and donations of as many people as possible – even if it's just a dollar. Please click on one of the two following links to access the crowd funding campaigns that will help Mikey get better. Thank you!


Mike Oliveri December 20 at 9:12am
this past year has been my toughest, most amazing, most adventurous, and un-regrettable year of my life. i apologize for the punctuation spelling and any other mistakes i make, typing as most of you know is hard, you add NJ cold to the mix, and you got not happy fingers... so how do i recap a year before i leave for egypt...

I risked, i took chances, i had faith (in the universe, and myself most importantly), i fell, i was lifted higher than most, drove over 20,000 miles back and forth and all over in this this country, which is how many miles it is to go around the world, except 20k is a low guess haha its probably around 25,000 at least to be honest now that i think about it. Watched my sister get married. Had EPIC fights with family, which unfortunately continue. Went Zip lining in Costa Rica, Destroyed my body and muscles by using them. Saw a Psychic, at her request... in Florida. Epic... Epic. Made friends, lost friends. Had help and money from friends and family thrown back in my face. Friends call me phoney, fake, high and mighty, ect ect all very hurtful things. I cried, i laughed, i was broke the whole time, still am haha (thanks to donations and secret under the table money and free meals from my LA friends help me survive :) ). I loved, i lost, i hurt myself, pissed myself, severely burned myself making a pancake, hahaha. made countless connections in life and in the world, i talked to a million phony fake plastic agents, CEO's, producers media heads ect ect in LA, and NO i will NOT screw someone for a Job or chance at money or fame. I've been offered.... men and women.. not cool... My body ain't for sale. I spoke at my college, BCC, at a university in NY, did a bunch of interviews and things of that nature, talked to 250 students in Leonia, which was awesome. Been to a rave with 100,000 people, and a music festival with 160,000..Epic.. Ive been on TV and in the Newspapers all across the nation for various things so im told. The Washington Post wanted to and did a interview back in the day, My Picture showed up on the cover of the local section of the LA times for showing up in city hall fighting for my rights, i only saw a cut out from a newspaper from the French Documentary crew that is making a documentary about me?, yeah, its still in Limbo. Went to so many great music shows. Met Stevie Wonder, thanks chad. Met Hugh Hefner, Kyle Gas from Tenacious D, Tim Mohoney and most the guys from 311, John Z from VOLTO and Pigmy Love Circus, Chris Pontius from Jackass, Tim Alexander from Primus, John Theodore from Mars Volta, most you guys know this already, but Danny from TOOL as well as Justin. Danny Lohner and i had a ridiculous night in Vegas after a puscifer show, Had the honor of a surprise TOOL november newsletter which talked about MikeyWheels and my strange incredible awesome life, thank you Blair. and thank you again:

ive been to the hospital 3 times, had 2 seizures, lost many pounds, astonished doctors, even have had the honor of rolling around in the hay with a beautiful woman every now and again... which i refuse to complain about :) hahaha I overcame challenges, created new ones, and besides all the incredible things above, and all those things i forgot about i think its fair to say Mikey Likey! haha I am so so weak right now, especially after typing lol, but in general, my body is so bitter and angry, its been abused by the catch 22 that is my life. But Its all GOOD :)

im alive now, i have an amazing life, despite money and family trouble, I'm about to leave to go to Egypt again to visit family, its like my 20th time there haha but i love it. Im gonna get back in a few weeks and start a new year, and what am i gonna do? well i gotta top what i already did right? hahaha

we shal see how 2010 goes for Mikey ;)
ill let you all know

THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING WITH ME. Being a part of this group is like being a part of my family. At least thats how i feel about you, now 1,001 of you. Im honored to live this life and have you be a part of it. I love You All from the Very bottom of my weak ass heart hahaha but i tell you one thing,

every day that Im lucky to be alive and rollin, just like i promised myself over one year ago.... every day is gonna be the best day of my life..... Why?.... Why not? :)

one love


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