My Journey

I'm not Handicapped, I'm Handicapable.
(and no i didnt get that from due date lol)

I left home and drove from nj to california in search of an independent life and safe access to my medicine* so i can live. It's been an interesting journey, lots of ups, lots of downs, and even though I am now weaker than ever...nothing will ever stop me from living my dream, regardless of how long I get to live.

Life is too precious and short to waste time. And I'm Ready.

The three videos below are before and after i left nj, an interview with the Washington Post during my road trip, some audition, and one other one hahaha idk i didnt set up the web site, im kinda lost there :P below that are blog entries! thank you!

Feel free to contact me at all times:

Help to save Mikey's life

As you know, Mikey has always been able to smile through the pain, no matter what, until recently. The pain in his stomach is now worse than ever and has led to an inability to eat, causing rapid weight loss. At 6'1", he's a meager 75 lbs and dropping fast. It's getting more difficult for Mikey to smile through the pain and fear.

One of the only places where Mikey can get help is the MAYO clinic in Minnesota. There, a team of specialized doctors will work together to figure out how his illnesses affect each other and can be treated to restore health and balance to his body so he can keep living his incredible life.

All of this obviously comes with a large amount of costs, which can only be covered with the help and donations of as many people as possible – even if it's just a dollar. Please click on one of the two following links to access the crowd funding campaigns that will help Mikey get better. Thank you!


its now 7:19 am, well at least it is the time that i am starting this blog, typing, very slow because my arms have gotten too weak to pick up the headset, and get it on my head. So. My fridge is making that creepy noise again, and i am beyond thirsty, but cannot drink otherwise im gonna wake up in 20 minutes to pee. and im hungry, a good sign, volcano's* sure do help. I feel pretty awful actually, but i have much to do, after i attempt to that i can hear the birds outside hah. so i got home tonight around midnight, and started making a blog, but one where its a video but not much editing, to share some thingd that have been happening in my life that are kinda a big deal, to me at least. for some reason i feel comfortable talking or typing to the site, because its just me, the people who know me best know i don't reach out much. Im a loner. I have always been, my whole life. I have had a lot of girlfriends, too many actually i am kinda a shmuck. Take that back, no room for kinda, im a shmuck and a half. but besides the appearance of having girls and friends and "popularity". im actually a very shy (most the time), and vey self conscious, and have had a lot of friends screw me over before, so i found it safer to stick to myself. somehow i still ended up having an enourmous amount of friends. I enjoyed going all over meeting people, and still do. i enjoy one on one conversations. romantical stuff, extreme sports, speed (cars not drugs), views, traveling, and so much more. I love so much that i often jump around so much. kinda obivous im sure in my writing. but anyways.. i stayed up for about 5 hours doing the video thats below, unless youtube took it down like they did my other one. but it stated as a vlog post, and ended up as the thought that came over my head when i started to edit.

its now 737 and i am hurting in so many ways all i wanna do it sleep to not feel it :)

gnight i love you, and i hope eveyone knows that i feel as if i have found a family through this website, and that family has enriched my life in ways i never believed possible. you made my life, and continue to. you have made me the richest man in the world, and im damn near broke :)

peacel, love, lovely lovers, and respect.


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