My Journey

I'm not Handicapped, I'm Handicapable.
(and no i didnt get that from due date lol)

I left home and drove from nj to california in search of an independent life and safe access to my medicine* so i can live. It's been an interesting journey, lots of ups, lots of downs, and even though I am now weaker than ever...nothing will ever stop me from living my dream, regardless of how long I get to live.

Life is too precious and short to waste time. And I'm Ready.

The three videos below are before and after i left nj, an interview with the Washington Post during my road trip, some audition, and one other one hahaha idk i didnt set up the web site, im kinda lost there :P below that are blog entries! thank you!

Feel free to contact me at all times:

Help to save Mikey's life

As you know, Mikey has always been able to smile through the pain, no matter what, until recently. The pain in his stomach is now worse than ever and has led to an inability to eat, causing rapid weight loss. At 6'1", he's a meager 75 lbs and dropping fast. It's getting more difficult for Mikey to smile through the pain and fear.

One of the only places where Mikey can get help is the MAYO clinic in Minnesota. There, a team of specialized doctors will work together to figure out how his illnesses affect each other and can be treated to restore health and balance to his body so he can keep living his incredible life.

All of this obviously comes with a large amount of costs, which can only be covered with the help and donations of as many people as possible – even if it's just a dollar. Please click on one of the two following links to access the crowd funding campaigns that will help Mikey get better. Thank you!


I had a interesting few days, i haven't been feeling so great, i am still trying to just stay healthy without loosing any more weight. I passed out and collapsed yesterday and ended up getting stuck on the floor between the wheelchair and the wall. I have no clue how it happened, but its indication that i am physically drained. My phone was up on the chair, and i have no life alert because a land line is needed. Thankfully someone upstairs heard me yelling. I was lucky that the maintenance man Kevin was able to break in to my place to rescue me. He is a really great guy who truly cares about my well being and is there for me.

I was given an opportunity to speak at Bergen Community College for the GED Graduation. I am honored to do so. This will be only my second time speaking at a college, but i am very much looking forward to it. I will be flying in to speak on the 20th of this month, It will be my first time bringing my electric wheelchair on the plane, because im going to the airport all by my lonesome. So it should be a interesting new experience! Thank you BCC, I don't take this lightly!

I have unfortunately lost quite a bit of friends along this journey. I wish i didn't. I am only trying to do the best i can, which was not good enough for some of them. Jumping to conclusions can never help any situation, on my end as well. However insults and put downs for self gratification go nowhere. Communication is key, Expectation, will always lead to disappointment.

I look like crap and decided to stay away from video today, and im pretty ouchy so i dont wanna look it. For everyone who thinks im fake, thank you for believing in me. I will not stoop down and attempt to insult you back, I have enough elements trying to hold me down. However you will be missed. Its sad how just because of a website and a dream some people automatically catogorize you as "Fake" just because of how they feel in thier own head. I am just a 24 year old cripple trying to do my best, to live, love, and follow my heart. Every illness is confusing, with both the physical and emotion toll. Every life is confusing, even with no illness. We are all trying to do the best we can in this world i believe, me included. And nobody is perfect, myself deff included.

To love, live and friends

ps. tonight i get my typing program, a tool which I will be able to do much more once i install.
Thank you all for you support, and thank you to everyone who "knows" im fake. It might help if you knew me first. I mean know me, not think you do.

One Love-Respect


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